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Helping Families With Loss

Our mission is to help families that have experienced the traumatic loss of an infant or suffered the loss of a miscarriage.

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We are a married couple who have dealt with multiple pregnancy losses, with the toughest being the loss of a baby during labor from an umbilical cord accident. His name is Tivis, and this is why we started the Tivis project. 

Through our deep, deep wounds we will do something amazing and we humbly ask you to join us.

Our Resources & Support

At our non-profit, we understand that pregnancy loss can be a difficult experience. That's why we offer tools and resources to help those who have experienced it. Our website includes tips and advice on coping with the loss, understanding what not to say in order to provide support, and how to support others going through this same situation. We strive to provide compassionate and helpful guidance for anyone who has gone through or is going through pregnancy loss. 

We are here to spread a lot of love with a little tote.

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We are committed to building a community of love and support to help families experiencing loss know that they are not alone. 

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God and everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

1 John 4:7

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Still Loved Heartbeat T-Shirt

This beautiful t-shirt was designed to keep baby Tivis and all babies that were lost before their time in our hearts, never to be forgotten. This shirt is a tribute to those who have lost an infant or experienced a pregnancy loss - a symbol of remembrance, hope, and love. The proceeds from the purchase of this shirt will go towards the Tivis Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families and individuals who have experienced such a loss. Together, we can make sure that these babies are remembered always and are kept close in our hearts.

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Telling Your Story - A Path To Healing

There is a stigma associated with this topic, and many people prefer not to talk about something so sad and isolating. Women and families are often left to suffer alone through one or more miscarriages as they struggle to grow the family of their dreams. All of this silence perpetuates the idea that talking about pregnancy and infant loss is taboo and creates an environment in which we are less likely to seek comfort from one another out of fear, judgment, or shame.


We are here to change that and it can start with you. Please share your experience with pregnancy or infant loss with us.

No two stories are alike. Please share as much or as little as you like. Hope and healing can be found when we take the time to share the heartbreak and hear each other's journey.

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Please share your experience with pregnancy or infant loss.
Can we share this story?

Thanks for sharing. May peace and healing come to you.

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